In order to be eligible for a tournament, you must first have a valid team. Someone representing the team must register online at Nexus Esports LOL Tournament page. They must designate a team captain that will be the contact person for the team. After a captain creates a team on the platform he will be given the ability to invite all the players he wants to invite to the team. The team captain is the only player entitled to enroll a team in a tournament. It is that person’s responsibility to make sure that every member of his team is:

Tournament eligible
• In compliance with the age restriction
• Only on one team in the tournament

Every player listed in a given team will be considered a member regardless of whether or not they have played in a game to date, therefore every player must be eligible at all times. If a player fails to comply with any of the above criteria, the whole team will suffer disqualification.

The team roster is the full list of players on a team enrolled in a given tournament. The roster size for your team is 5. You are not allowed to have more or less players. You must include 5 players when you sign up, however you may replace players later on for emergencies and this must be communicated to Nexus Esports. A List of alternates MUST BE provided before your first match! You cannot alternate a player that is not on the list provided before your first match! The players you sign up with do not have to be the final players you use for the tournament.

If you need to replace a player on your team, please email before your first game. Once you begin the tournament, you must keep the same roster for the entire tournament unless otherwise stipulated.

Game Mode:
Summoner's Rift 5v5

Tournament Format:
Single Elimination Bracket of 64 teams

Match Outcome:
Best-of-Three Rounds (1-4)
Best-of-Five (Semis and Finals)

Game Type:
Tournament Draft / Draft Mode

All Teams will be placed in the 64 team bracket at random that will be chosen prior to the tournament during a live selection stream taking place on the Nexus Esports Twitch Channel

Participants are required to display fair play, sporting conduct and knowledge of all the procedures.

Match times will be sent out the night prior to your scheduled match day. Once a captain receives information about their next game along with a friend request from the Nexus Spectator, they will be responsible for being ready for the start of the match! All matches will have a start time and that may change due to length of the games beforehand.
We recommend that teams be online 20 minutes prior to the official start time in order to provide enough time to enter the custom game lobby, deal with any issues that might arise and get ready.

Fewer than five members on a team will not constitute a valid team. If a game is played 4 v 5 or similar, the team without a full roster will be disqualified regardless of the match outcome.
If a valid team is not in the lobby at the start time of the match, a no-show will be automatically assigned to the team not ready to play.Your full team of five must stay in the lobby until that time. If both the teams fail to show up in time with 5 members and be ready to play at the match start time, a double no-show will be assigned.

The game pause is an option available in tournaments to handle major difficulties that cannot be resolved during the game. Game Pause is only available in tournaments with the game type “Tournament Draft”.
• Teams may only pause the game if:
• There is a major issue to solve
• There are no fights underway
• After the game is paused, the opposing team must be notified for the reasons of the pause
• Any disputes should be handled between the teams during the pause
• If there is any kind of unfair conduct, teams must make a screenshot and, after the game is over, alert an Nexus Esport spectator in command of their round
• After a game in which there was a pause, all the players that played the game must stay logged in for 10 minutes after the game’s end to help the Nexus Esport Spectator understand what happened
• It is up to the Nexus Esports Spectator to examine the evidence provided, and then to either validate the game result, restart the game, or disqualify a team (for improper pause usage). The team captain, whenever possible, is responsible to gather evidence of the issue as proof for the Nexus Esport Spectator.

All of the following may result in disqualification upon the Nexus Esport spectator’s discretion:

• Any team accused and proved to be using any hacks, cheats giving them an unfair advantage in the game.
• Any team displaying poor sportsmanship or not following the Summoner’s Code
• Any team member using language that is obscene, foul, vulgar, insulting, threatening, abusive, libelous, slanderous, defamatory or otherwise offensive or objectionable; or promote or incite hatred or discriminatory conduct, in or near the match area, at any time.
• Playing without a full roster of five players
• Account Sharing: Summoners using the original roster’s summoner account with a different player playing
• Collusion: Intentionally feeding/throwing the game for the purpose of the other team winning
• Making use of any bugs, bots etc.

The Nexus Esports Spectator has discretion over any matters not listed above. Full uncropped game screenshots or stream footage must be provided to validate disqualification claims. If disqualified, a team forfeits its right to all prizes.

All the matches must be played with a Nexus Esports Spectator present in the lobby. The results will be automatically received at the end of each game and updated on the Nexus Esports tournament page.

Every team is responsible for playing the requisite number of games consecutively in order to determine the winner of the round. For example, if the match is a best-of-three, both teams should play the two (or three) games needed to determine the winner of the round.

The games must be played back-to-back and cannot be spaced out over hours or days. Both teams are allowed 10 minutes from the Victory/Defeat screen until the next lobby should begin. If a longer pause is needed, this needs to be agreed on with the Nexus Esports spectator.