Each team will have a manager that will be in charge of maintaining the calendar. They will also manage the players tiers and performance.
Zach Krizan
Each team will have a captain who takes charge of their team and organizes practices, helps with the calendar, and helps the players improve. The captain will lead by example and uphold Nexus Esport’s core values.
Robert Toups
Core Team
Active Nexus competing team. Expected to attend all major tournaments and practices on our calendar. This will contain about 5 members (may vary). The core team will have the most compensation and will also be expected to represent Nexus on the front line.
Marc Kaake
Andrew Perdue
Recruit Squad
This category is for players who are not part of the core team for one of a few reasons. Either they show great promise but need a little more work to achieve core team status or they are not able to put in the required time to advance to the next level. If needed, we love to work with the recruit squad on a weekly basis honing their skills and elevate their gameplay so they can be on the core team if they so choose.
Sam Morrison
Aaron Acosta
Marcos Acosta
Armando Cardenas
Lucas McWhirter
Nexus Legacies
This category is reserved for people who have either been a former core team member, or a person who has helped us achieve our Esports goals. These players either have the experience needed or offer immense help to the local competitive community.
Robert Green
Nathan French
Jacob Vandaveegate
Shaun Costerison
Anthony Edwards
Sang Jung